Request Medical CONSERVATORHIP  before 18, or you could end up with no choices.

I have a close friend from high school that recently contacted me to establish a Medical Conservatorship and full Conservatorship for his adult son of 27 years of age.  Many years back his son was involved in a motorcycle accident causing him to become a quadriplegic.  Over the years his son had many instances of being hospitalized from one complication after the other, but back in those days, there were not such strict rules and regulations applied and they had no trouble assisting their son in his healthcare decisions and speaking for him at medical appointments or just being a part of the numerous decisions as it related to pending surgeries, medications and etc

Recently his son was hospitalized for complications of sepsis of the blood: they didn’t know if he was going to live or die. He went into a coma and his parents were unable to speak to the doctors on his behalf, unable to tell the doctors that he was taking a pain medicine most of his life after the accident which would require him to be weaned off of it, and without it, he could seizure or even  cause his death.  My friend told me that they never thought about Medical Conservatorship authority over their son as they never had any problems speaking with doctors, making decisions for him in the past, but in this recent medical emergency, their hands were tied.

Medical Conservatorship – get it as soon as possible.

It is very important not to delay requesting conservatorship authority over an adult that is in need due to mental challenges or physical challenges.  The state tells the doctors that your son or daughter is of age and therefore they have to make the decisions for themselves, even though they may not have the capacity to do so.  This is why you need to request a court give you the powers and authority through conservatorship, before these types of emergency situations come up, because they will, in time, just as my high school friend discovered, in all the 100’s of times he was allowed to be in doctor’s appointments with his son, help make medical decisions, that time came where the doctor wouldn’t allow this and it happened to be the worst scenario possible, when his son was in a life and death emergency.

Luckily, there is a happy ending to this story, we were able to get him temporary emergency orders for medical conservatorship so that he could be by his son’s side during what had to be the most difficult time for his son, not being around his parents who always cared for him, when he needed them the most.

All County Documents can file a Letter of Medical Conservatorship so you can help your loved ones. Please also consider Estate Planning too.