PROBATE NOTES - Paralegal's manage probate notes

What are Probate Notes?

probate-notes-filing-probate-notesProbate Notes are commonly written by a Probate Examiner at the filing court.  Prior to your upcoming hearing, the Probate Examiner will review your case to verify, in part, that all the required documents have been filed, and whether or not there are any discrepancies in your filings and/or any deficiencies.  You are required to correct any deficiencies should the Probate Notes indicate, prior to your court hearing or your case may be delayed and your hearing may be continued to allow you time to correct any deficiency(s) noted in the Probate Notes.


In addition, Probate Notes may provide recommendations to the judge or asks questions about maybe a particular authority you are asking for, and the Probate Examiner, essentially by setting forth a question to the judge, is alerting the judge to what may or may not be an issue.

Should I check probate notes?

It is very important to check the Probate Notes as related to your case, to allow you enough time to correct any possible errors or missing documents.  Probate Notes are prepared prior to your hearing, with each court setting their own time-line on when these Probate Notes are available to view.  If you have specific questions as to the notes, most courts have an email where you can email the Probate Examiner directly and you can find the email by going on your filing court’s website.

Can a Paralegal help?

In general, paralegals can assist with many aspects of the probate process, including preparing and filing documents, communicating with the court and other parties involved, and providing support to attorneys and clients.  Our office can help with clearing Probate Notes, so please feel free to contact us at 951-272-5855 and we would be happy to help.  You can also visit our website to learn more about our office at: https:///