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We prepare Probate Petitions, Probate Accounting, Small Estate Probate; Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property and Affidavit regarding Real Property of Small value, Petition to Determine Succession to Real and Personal Property and Spousal Property Petitions. These processes ultimately transfer assets of the estate to heirs or beneficiaries. Of course, there are other methods to choose from, which depends on the value of the estate and our experienced Paralegals can assist you with their knowledge in probate filings. We can also assist in preparing Guardianship and Conservatorship papers, which can be complicating and time-consuming if you are not familiar with the court procedures.


We assist in the guardianship of minor children who lack the capacity to manage his or her own personal or financial affairs. The procedure for appointment of a guardian concludes with a formal hearing before a judge. The paperwork can be difficult and time-consuming if you are not familiar with the code sections that apply and procedures. We handle this all for you at a very reasonable price.


Civil law can be challenging without the knowledge of the court rules and procedures. Whether you need assistance with Civil Complaints which include causes of action based on the reasons you are suing, Answers to Complaints , which are time-sensitive in that you have a certain amount of time to answer before you can be defaulted, Motions can be prepared should you want to respond in a different manner to a Complaint other than answering, Demurrers are another way of responding to a complaint or motion, Writs, similar to appeals in certain aspects, litigation discovery where you propound questions to seek answers from the opposing side or you respond to these propounded questions and name changes should you choose to legally change your name, our Paralegals can help.


Our office handles the complete divorce process from start to finish; initial divorce petition to final judgment. We prepare Marital Settlement Agreements for those who are amicable on all issues, we complete your final judgment should the court’s keep rejecting it and prepare request for orders so that you may appear before a judge and request orders as to child support, child custody and visitation, spousal support or exclusive rights to the family residence. We prepare Mandatory Settlement Briefs and Trial Briefs, and QDRO’s, which covers the division of retirement/pensions and so much more, call today for a free consultation.


We prepare Loan Agreements, Business Contracts, General Contracts, Release of Liability, Bill of Sale, Equipment Lease Agreements, License Agreements, Partnership Agreements, LLC Operating Agreements, Cease and Desist Letters, Bill of Sale, Letter of Intent, Purchase Agreements, Mechanic’s Liens, Joint Venture Agreements, Promissory Notes and so much more.

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